My name is Alfonso, my friends call me poncho, I was born in Mexico City and I have lived in Miami for the past 18 years of my life, so yes I am the guy from Miami and I’m bilingual as you can see.

So obviously my mother tongue is Spanish “español” but since I’ve been living for so long here in the US I also speak english…

to be honest a very hard thing to do when you live in a City like this this, like Miami where no one wants to speak english.

Any way, I decided to make this first video about being bilingual because even thought I have been in-front of a camera almost all my life, and that I can speak English…I consider fluently,

for some reason every single time I thought about creating content in English I would just freak out and just do it in my mother language which is Spanish.

Much easier right.

Well not anymore! Cause from now on I will also be posting content in my second language which is this…English.

So for this first video I will be sharing with you what is like to be bilingual and how can you know know if you are bilingual or if you can be one.

Many people learn two languages and they claim to be bilingual... truth is that very few can actually reach that goal. People specially here in the US often say “bilingual” about people who just know some language other than it’s first language.

But a better definition for “bilingual” would be anyone who is able to use two languages with fluency”. So…a person who is fluent in two languages is then “bilingual”.


How close are you to be bilingual?

Here's a test, that Im going to share with you so you can find out.

1- Can you say the following colors in Spanish instantly? Red, Green, Black, Gray, Brown, Pink.

2- What's my other language? I can say one or two. Darn! I don't remember the last one!! Piece of cake.

3- Can you respond in Spanish and english what’s your favorite animal and why?

4- Can you explain how to play tic-tac-toe in Spanish.

5- Tell me a folk tale in two languages.

6- Have you ever watched a non-english movie without english subtitles/audio and understood it?

7- Do you listen to and understand non-english songs?

8- Have you ever spoke to someone who doesn't understand English?

9- When you see bilingual (your languages) signs, you read both?

10- You laugh when you see horrible translations.

11- You can't tell which language you use to think.

12- Have you read the same book in two languages?

13- How many non-english and non-english subtitled/audioed books, movies, magazines, games and songs do you own?

14- How bilingual do you think you are?

15- Are you confident enough to translate the book, México a través de los Siglos?.

16- Count up to the highest number possible in your other language.

17- Say at least 5 swear words/phrases in two languages.

18- Translate. Caution: Teher's a crazy man with a big knife running towards me. I need help immediately!

19- When you speak in one language, you have no accent of the other.

20- When you talk with another bilingual person who speaks with the same language as you, you tend to mix up the words of two languages.

21- You take notes in two languages because sometimes the words are shorter in the other one.

22- In a bilingual movie, you enjoy both listening and reading the subtitles to see the bizzare translations.

23- When was your first exposure to a second language?

24- Do you currently use more than two languages in DAY-TO-DAY life?

25- If someone gave you passports, maps, compasses and enough cash, do you think you can tour all the tourist sites in a totally non-english country (and speaks your other language)?

26- Can you tell the difference between a non-english good hand writer and a bad hand writer?

27- What non-english books have you read?

28- Do you have non-english speaking friends or family you have established good relationships with?

Bilingual is better. Period.

There are clear and very tangible benefits to being bilingual. Speaking more languages makes us more open-minded and helps us feel more connected to other cultures and to the world. Being bilingual comes with a world of advantages and you even sound “sexy” when you speak in two languages. There’s no denying that having linguistic skills is la crema y nata, and it doesn’t hurt that it also makes you appear bien cool!

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